‘Titanfall’ Beta Not Coming To Xbox 360

Titanfall was one of 2013’s biggest announcements, and one of this year’s most anticipated titles. As excitement grows for the upcoming Beta, some disappointing news comes to Xbox 360 gamers, as the Beta will not be coming to the system.

Titanfall, the new IP from Respawn Entertainment debuted at the end of Microsoft’s E3 2013 conference, and came as a surprise to most of the audience; created from former Infinity Ward developers, Titanfall blends fast-paced FPS combat with slight free-running elements, and giant mechs that can be called to the player’s aid during battle. As chaotic as it sounds, gameplay shows that Respawn has spent quite a bit of time making sure each class of Titan is balanced for “fair” multiplayer gameplay.

Respawn announced that a Beta would be available early this year for Titanfall– rumored to launch on Valentine’s Day- but will only be available for the Xbox One and PC versions; Respawn has been developing both versions, while Bluepoint Games has been handling the 360 version.

Titanfall will release for all three platforms (Xbox One, PC, 360) on 3/11, with a limited edition Xbox One controller and the “Collector’s Edition” arriving the same day.

Sources: Polygon, Gamespot
Image courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

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