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Free Stuff Sundays: “Demake” Edition Continued

Care to experience more classics in a low-poly way? This week’s “Free Stuff Sundays” is a continuation of the “Demake” series, and includes demakes of Silent Hill 2 and Team Fortress 2.

Soundless Mountain 2:

Soundless Mountain 2 comes from developer Jasper Byrne, creator of Superflat Games and developer of survival-horror hit Lone Survivor. As the clever title alludes to, Soundless Mountain 2 is a demake of the PS2 classic Silent Hill 2. While it doesn’t cover Silent Hill 2 in it’s entirety, Jasper Byrne’s low-poly take is a humble homage to the game’s memorable opening scenes.

Soundless Mountain 2 is available for both PC and Mac, and can be downloaded from the Superflat Games website.

Team Fortress Arcade:

While it may not have started as a free-to-play title, Team Fortress 2 is one of the most popular team-based shooters ever created. Valve’s blue-collar warfare game also has a multiplayer demake, with Team Fortress Arcade. Modeled after 90’s arcade beat-em-ups and side-scrollers, TF Arcade supports 4-player co-op, and features every character class from its counterpart; each class features a trademark weapon and ability from the source material (i.e. the Spy has a revolver, and the ability to cloak).

Team Fortress Arcade was created by Eric Ruth, and is available for PC; a download can be found through Pikigeek’s interview with the developer.

Sources: Superflat Games, Pikigeek

Images courtesy of Jasper Byrne, Eric Ruth

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