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Free Stuff Sundays: ‘Titanfall Arcade’, ‘7 Light-Years’

Take the endless plunge, and play some classic Atari titles with Titanfall flair, in this week’s featured Free Stuff Sundays games.

Titanfall Arcade:

With the eve of Titanfall‘s launch a few days away, EA and Respawn Entertainment have decided to generate hype in a very uncanny way- classic Atari games. Titanfall Arcade is a series of classic games from the Atari-era, that have been re-imagined with Titanfall themes. At the time of this post, the only available game on the website is Asteroids. Rather than control a ship, a Titan is dropped in for the player to start blasting away at any asteroids in their way. Future games in Titanfall Arcade will include Missile Command and Centipede.


7 Light-Years:

The latest project from developers “Nifflas” and cousin Marcus Ngyren, 7 Light-years is a free-falling, score-attack game. Developed with Unity, 7 Light-years sends players into an endless free-fall as they avoid a challenging array of geometric shapes, all while set to hypnotic electronic music. 7 Light-years can be played in a Unity-supported browser, or can be downloaded for Windows, Mac and Linux.

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