‘Skullgirls Encore’ Coming To EU Next Week

The “little fighting game that could”, Skullgirls has been faced with numerous publishing problems since its launch. Through thick and thin, the title continues to persevere, as Skullgirls Encore will finally come to Europe on March 19.

Skullgirls released back in Summer 2012 as a digital XBLA and PSN title; after a successful crowd-funding campaign, the fighting game has since been given a PC port and a fair share of DLC. However, due to several publisher-based mishaps, the console versions have lagged significantly behind its PC counterpart. The original Skullgirls was “delisted” from the Xbox Live Marketplace and the PlayStation Store at the request of Konami; while fans are still waiting for the Xbox 360 version to resurface, the title has since returned to PSN as Skullgirls Encore, complete with all current DLC, minus playable character Big Band.

According to a Tweet from earlier this week, Skullgirls Encore has been finalized for European localization, and will release on 3/19 (next Wednesday). Like its international counterparts, the EU version will include DLC character Squigly, the additional color-palettes, extra stages and upgraded in-game effects and balance changes.

The Xbox 360 version is still undergoing Microsoft’s verification process, but unlike the PSN version, where Skullgirls Encore is distributed as a brand new game (thus negating previously saved data), Encore will be released as downloadable upgrade to the original title.

Source: Twitter
Image courtesy of Lab Zero Games

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