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Free Stuff Sundays: ‘Pokemon NXT’, ‘Metal Gear GB’, ‘Night Rider Turbo’

Pokemon goes open-world, Metal Gear Solid gets a classic Game Boy “Brick” port, and a crazed driver darts through traffic in the world’s most unsafe car in this edition of “Free Stuff Sundays”.

Pokemon NXT:

Pokemon already has a few 3D installments, with Snap, Stadium and Colosseum, and Hey You Pikachu!, but there has yet to be an actual open-world game set within any of the existing regions. While it’s still in pre-Alpha, Pokemon NXT hopes to fill that void. NXT is an open-world Pokemon title, where players take control of Trainer Red in the Kanto region. Unlike past titles, Red starts out with all three of the original starter-Pokemon; Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle. As players explore the vast region, they’ll come across actual Pokemon wandering about across the landscapes. Rather than enter a turn-based battle, Pokemon NXT has players sending out their Pokemon to engage in a real-time battle. Once their Pokemon of choice is released, control shifts from Red to the attacking Pokemon.

There are a few laughable aspects, such as a lack of Pokemon-model animation and the ability to walk through lakes, but Pokemon NXT is still in pre-Alpha. Interested gamers can find NXT located on the Kongregate website.


Metal Gear GB:

Metal Gear GB (Game Boy) is a 2D demake and parody of the Metal Gear Solid series. Several elements of the main franchise are missing, due to the Game Boy’s limited controls, but the core elements of stealth and exploration drive this fan-made game forward. This is a fairly short title, but Metal Gear fans will enjoy the self-aware humor within this side-scrolling game.

Metal Gear GB was created by Andrei Mishanin, and can be found at his “qwerty” website.


Night Rider Turbo:

From McPixel developer Sos Sosowski, Night Rider Turbo is an Enviro-Bear 2000 style car game, where the driver must avoid oncoming traffic in the most horribly built car ever created. As the player drives down the freeway, attempting to avoid an early death, they must individually interact with everything in the front seat- everything. As tricky as that sounds, the car is gradually falling apart with every player-interaction.

Night Rider Turbo can be found over on Newgrounds.

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