‘Pokemon X/Y’ Toys Return To McDonald’s Happy Meals


For those who may have missed out on the last Pokemon cross-promotion with McDonald’s, the second round of X/Y items are coming soon to Happy Meals everywhere.

One of the easiest methods of cross-promoting entertainment for children and young-adults [and those who just plain love pop-culture and video games,] is through fast-food; it essentially boils down to “order inexpensive food, get cool item”. One instance of this that comes to mind is the gold-plated Pokemon cards that could be obtained through Burger King. Recently, McDonald’s featured exclusive Skylanders Swap Force figurines with their Happy Meals, however these are not actual use-for-game figurines so much as toys.

According to the McDonald’s Happy Meal website, the upcoming featured collection of toys will be from Pokemon X/Y. While they’re typically distributed at random, each Happy Meal will contain one of twelve Pokemon toys, along with a card from the official Pokemon Trading Card Game.

Of course as an alternative option, McDonald’s will also distribute toys based on the American Girl line of dolls.

Source: McDonald’s Happy Meal website
Image courtesy of McDonald’s, Nintendo

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