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Free Stuff Sundays: ‘ArcheBlade’, ‘SanctuaryRPG’

Battle against others in a world influenced by Korean fantasy, and embark on a text-based ASCII journey with this week’s “Free Stuff Sundays” games, ArcheBlade and SanctuaryRPG.


ArcheBlade is a new free-to-play title available through Steam. What originally started as an IndieGoGo project, ArcheBlade is a MOBA based on the Korean novel of the same name, written by Jung-Hoon Hong and illustrated by “MIRO”. Players can play as one of 14 characters, but choose wisely; after completing the Training mode, the player will only have enough initial currency for one character. By completing matches and fulfilling in-game goals, players gain more currency to purchase additional characters, weapons and other aesthetic customization items. Of course, less patient players can buy more in-game currency via microtransactions.

ArcheBlade is a Windows-only F2P title, though a Starter Pack is also available for purchase for $19.99,


A complete 180° turn in visual style from ArcheBlade, SantuaryRPG is a text-based RPG featuring ASCII visuals. This expansive turn-based RPG draws from classic “roguelike” titles, which often feature procedurally-generated levels and permanent deaths. SanctuaryRPG includes well over 1,400 different weapons and armor types, more than 160 class/race combinations, and more than a hundred hours worth of gameplay.

SanctuaryRPG is currently available for Windows, Mac and Linux; it can be downloaded for free through the official website, though interested gamers also have the option of donating to the developers via PayPal.

Sources: Black Shell Games, Steam
Images courtesy of CodeBrush Games, Black Shell Games

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