‘BloodRayne: Betrayal’ Coming To PC Next Week


Not only is the recent side-scrolling adaptation of BloodRayne heading to Japan this Summer, but the leather-clad vampire will be making her way into PCs, as Betrayal will launch on Steam next week.

Arc System Works launched a teaser site last week for what appeared to be a new BloodRayne title; Tuesday evening, it was revealed that BloodRayne: Betrayal would release for the PS3 in Japan this Summer. While the Japanese version will be published by Arc System Works, it appears to be a direct port of WayForward’s challenging side-scroller. The only apparent difference is in the title, as Betrayal will release on 5/1 as BloodRayne: Crimson Slayer.

While it wasn’t part of Tuesday’s localization reveal, BloodRayne: Betrayal will also receive a PC port, which will release through Steam. While the console versions are both developed by DuckTales Remastered and Double Dragon Neon creator WayForward, the PC version is being developed by Abstraction, and will be published under Midnight City.

An official price has not been listed on the Steam page, but BloodRayne: Betrayal will release for PC next Wednesday, 4/30.

Source: Steam
Image courtesy of WayForward, Abstraction, Majesco, Midnight City

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