New ‘BloodRayne’ Coming From Arc System Works


Arc System Works, one of the creative forces behind Guilty Gear, BlazBlue and Hard Corps: Uprising, recently launched a teaser site for a brand new BloodRayne title.

The BloodRayne series launched as a console title back in 2002. Originally released for the Xbox, GameCube and PS2 (later PC and Mac), the first game┬átakes place between 1933 and 1938, and features Rayne as a military agent who must defeat members of the rising Nazi army, along with battling supernatural entities. Later on, the leather-clad vampire protagonist would confront the “King of Vampires” himself, her father Kagan. The 2004 title BloodRayne 2 takes place 60 years later, where Rayne battles against the “Cult of Kagan”, formed from Kagan’s offspring and Rayne’s half-siblings.

WayForward released a digital-exclusive title for PSN and XBLA in 2011, with BloodRayne: Betrayal. The 2D side-scroller is a pseudo-retelling of the first two games, and features intense combat and very difficult platforming segments.

Despite the polarizing reception of the BloodRayne series, its popularity sparked a trilogy of movies, and several comic-book specials.

Though the series has been in the dark since the launch of Betrayal, a new teaser site hosted by Arc System Works reveals that they will be the next company to produce a BloodRayne title. There isn’t much information as of yet, but a countdown clock reveals 4/23 as the official announcement date. Whether this will be a continuation of the original series, the WayForward title, or something completely new, remains to be seen; the full background image however alludes to an updated version of Rayne’s original design, rather than the one found in BloodRayne: Betrayal:

Arc System Works will be the third developer for the series, following WayForward and Terminal Reality. Two handheld games were originally in development- BloodRayne for the PSP, and BloodRayne: The Shroud for the 3DS- but both titles were cancelled due to financial difficulties and the low sales performance of BloodRayne: Betrayal.

Source: Arc System Works
Image courtesy of Arc System Works, Majesco

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