‘BloodRayne: Betrayal’ Comes To Japan Next Month as ‘Crimson Slayer’

While it may not be a new BloodRayne title, Arc System Works will be localizing BloodRayne: Betrayal for a Japanese release next month.

Over the weekend, a teaser site was launched by Arc System Works, which hinted at a possible new chapter of the BloodRayne series. Rather than a new title, Arc System Works will be publishing BloodRayne: Betrayal for Japanese gamers. According to the now revealed teaser site, BloodRayne: Betrayal will launch for the PS3 in Japan as BloodRayne: Crimson Slayer; it’s currently unclear if the title will be released for the Xbox 360.

While the teaser site and the current page show redesigned character art for Rayne, Crimson Slayer remains true to its North American counterpart; both versions appear to be identical, and are developed by Shantae, Mighty Switch Force and DuckTales Remastered developer WayForward. The reveal may come as a disappointment to some, as both the teaser site, and the current page both suggested a brand new title, with an image featuring redesigned artwork for Rayne:


BloodRayne: Crimson Slayer will release in Japan on 5/1 for the PS3.

Source: Arc System Works
Image courtesy of Arc System Works, Majesco 

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