‘Skullgirls Encore’ And DLC Now Available On 360/XBLA


After an indefinite delay due to approval processing, “Big Band” was released for the PS3 version of Skullgirls Encore, along with the PC version on Steam. To the surprise of many, DLC for the Xbox 360 version has been released, as Skullgirls Encore for 360 is finally available.

Late last year, Skullgirls console publisher Konami requested that the Indie fighting title be removed from both the PSN and XBLA marketplaces. The PC version was unaffected, and continued to receive updates, as it was published by Marvelous AQL. While Lab Zero Games had originally planned for the title to return to the digital marketplaces as Skullgirls Encore sometime within January-February, internal delays with both Sony and Microsoft pushed both releases towards later dates. Skullgirls Encore released for the PS3 in March, along with the first DLC character “Squigly”, and the entire collection of additional color palettes.

Earlier this week, the 2nd crowd-funded DLC character, “Big Band” was released for both the PC and PS3 versions. While those who have access to the Endless Beta on PC have been able to play as the mechanized musician for quite some time, Tuesday was his official “retail” release. Late Tuesday evening, the Skullgirls Twitter feed revealed that Microsoft had finished the approval process for Encore and its future DLC; part of the delay was caused due to compatibility issues, as Encore 360 is administered as a digital upgrade. Later that evening, Skullgirls Encore was officially released through XBLA; the release also included both Squigly and Big Band.

As one of the perks from the crowd-funding campaign, all DLC characters will be free upon launch for a limited time. According to Twitter, April Fool’s Day character “Fukua” is currently undergoing refinement, and will release for the retail versions of Encore in a few weeks. A Mac version is also in development, but no official information has been released.

Source: Twitter
Image courtesy of Lab Zero Games

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