‘Skullgirls Encore’ “Beowulf” Character Progress Revealed


Now that Eliza’s development period is officially over, Lab Zero Games is shifting their focus onto the next crowd-funded DLC character for Skullgirls Encore– Beowulf.

Early last year, Lab Zero Games held a crowd-funding campaign via Indie Go Go in hopes of completing Squigly, a character who was pushed from the final release of the original Skullgirls. “Keep Skullgirls Growing!” was not only successful in funding the remainder of Squigly’s development, but fans donated enough for Lab Zero to create four more DLC characters, along with character-specific stages, music and Story modes.

Both Squigly and Big Band have been released to the public and are available across all versions of Skullgirls Encore (PC, 360, PS3), however the free-download period has since ended for both characters. An April Fool’s Day joke-turned-character, Fukua can also be accessed in all versions, though her icon is “hidden” in the bottom-right corner of the Character Select screen. Eliza, the third character to be funded from the Indie Go Go campaign, is currently playable in the Endless Beta on PC, which is only available to campaign-contributors and those who pre-ordered a copy of Skullgirls on PC; Lab Zero recently announced that Eliza’s development was complete, and a full release would arrive soon.

With Eliza out of the way, Lab Zero’s sights have been turned to the fourth funded DLC character, Beowulf. The wolf-cloaked wrestler is briefly mentioned within Peacock’s Story Mode, as it’s mentioned that Beowulf is coming out of his retirement and getting back into the ring. According to Skullgirls lore, Beowulf retired after defeating Grendel in the ring, and slaying his frenzied mother who “nearly ate the audience after her son’s defeat”. The fighter’s gameplay draws inspiration from other “grapplers” like Rainbow Mika, King and Tizoc.

During Friday’s Salty Cupcakes stream, Lab Zero’s “Mike Z” Zaimont unveiled an updated prototype build of Beowulf, complete with several new animations and mechanics. While it’s only an early, rough build of the character, the footage shows several work-in-progress ideas, including an attack with the arm of Grendel’s mother, potential mechanics with and without “The Hurting” (i.e. Beowulf’s metal folding chair), and the ability to move around the stage while holding characters:

Skullgirls Encore is currently available on PC, 360 and PS3, with PS4 and PS Vita versions coming later this year.

Source: Skullheart – Official Skullgirls Forum
Image courtesy of Lab Zero Games

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