‘Skullgirls Encore’ Stream Shows “Robo-Fortune” In Action, Beowulf’s Theme Music

The latest Skullgirls Encore stream from UGC Live highlights some of the upcoming engine changes and gameplay tweaks, along with a preview of Beowulf’s theme, and a preview of the next DLC character- Robo-Fortune.

Last week’s “SALTY!” stream on UGC Live dropped some new details regarding the upcoming DLC for Skullgirls Encore. Lab Zero Games’s “Mike Z” Zaimont was on-hand to discuss some of the gameplay changes that would go live with the next update; he also provided fans with sneak previews for extra music, and the final DLC character.

The final version may not be complete, but Skullgirls fans can listen to a prototype version of Beowulf’s stage music at the beginning of the video. The theme is composed by Brenton Kosak and Blaine McGurty, the duo behind “Pedestrians Crossing” (Main Menu theme), “Pick of the Litter” (Character Select theme) and various Story Mode themes. Beowulf’s animations are near complete, though a release window has not been scheduled; Lab Zero still needs to complete his music, and schedule a recording session for his voice actor.

She’s still in the early phases of development, but an early build of Robo-Fortune can be seen in the UGC Live footage. The character model already has several fully-colored frames, along with a handful of completed “Normal” attacks, though none of them actually connect. Akin to Robo-Ky of the Guilty Gear series, Robo-Fortune is not a “clone” of Miss Fortune; she will have her own unique move-set, mechanics and “Blockbuster” special moves. Robo-Fortune’s eyes produce a constant glow, which can be seen on other character models, or if she enters a shaded area of a stage:

Mike Z goes on to explain other gameplay tweaks towards the end of the segment, including a change to Eliza and Horis, a minuscule extension to Peacock’s “Argus Agony” Blockbuster, and a change to Painwheel’s super-jump.

Skullgirls Encore is currently available for PS3, 360 and PC; a PS4 version is currently in-development, and is scheduled to release later this year.

Source: UGC Live
Image courtesy of Lab Zero Games

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