‘Let It Die’ From Grasshopper Manufacture Coming To PS4 In 2015


Suda51 and the developers of Grasshopper Manufacture are working on yet another PS4-exclusive title- Let it Die.

Last year, it was revealed that Lollipop Chainsaw and Killer is Dead creator Grasshopper Manufacture was currently working on a title exclusively for the PS4. Lily Bergamo was announced last September during TGS (Tokyo Game Show) 2013. Very little information has been revealed about the title; Lily Bergamo will be a PlayStation 4 console-exclusive, and features the talents of Fire Emblem: Awakening and No More Heroes character designer and Illustrator, Yusuke Kozaki. Only one trailer has been revealed since the announcement several months ago, however the title has been trademarked for both Japan and North America, and is scheduled to release this year.

During this evening’s Sony E3 Experience media briefing, it was revealed that yet another PS4-exclusive game would be coming from Suda51. While very little gameplay was sewn into the primarily live-action trailer, Let it Die appears to be a multiplayer combat game, where players can loot slain enemies in order to upgrade their own personal arsenal. As with Grasshopper tradition, there appears to be no shortage of gratuitous violence:

No specific release date or launch window were given, however Let it Die is currently planned to release in 2015.


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