‘No Man’s Sky’ Confirmed For PS4, Gets New Trailer


Despite flood damage to the Hello Games office, No Man’s Sky is alive and well, and will be coming to the PS4.

No Man’s Sky was unveiled during last year’s VGX Awards. The new IP from studio Hello Games features an expansive, procedurally generated universe, where nothing is beyond the player’s exploration. On Christmas Eve, the developer’s office in the UK was damaged due to flooding. The studio’s founder Shaun Murray informed fans that development of No Man’s Sky would continue, regardless of the office’s physical state.

Last night during Sony’s “E3 Experience” media briefing, a new trailer was shown for the vibrant space-exploration title. Much like the VGX debut trailer, the E3 2014 video for No Man’s Sky features more celestial wildlife. territories discovered by other players, aerial combat and dogfighting, and interplanetary travel:

No Man’s Sky has no release date, but will be available for both PC and PS4.

Image courtesy of Hello Games

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