‘Fez 2’ Will Never Happen, Fans “Don’t Deserve It”


While it was officially announced last year that the Fez sequel had been cancelled, creator Phil Fish has once again made it very, very clear that Fez 2 will never, ever happen.

Fez was released back in 2012 across every platform excluding the Nintendo consoles and handhelds. Despite the critical acclaim and positive reception of the Indie platformer, designer Phil Fish left the industry the following year after dealing with mistreatment from within the gaming industry. The “outspoken” developer has previously lashed out at other companies, demeaning their practices and beliefs. A severely heated Twitter argument between Fish and GameTrailers journalist Marcus Beer not only concluded with Fish’s withdrawal from the gaming industry, but also the indefinite cancellation of Fez 2.

While the nature of Fish’s actions have created a very polarizing fanbase- those who love Fez, and those who hate Phil- Fez-lovers have continued to ask the former developer via Twitter about a potential sequel. Fish finally gave a response yesterday afternoon….In typical fashion, it was probably not the response fans wanted:

The original Fez ranked within Metacritic’s top 10 highest-ranking games of 2013, and sold over 1 million copies after appearing as a featured product on Humble Bundle.

Source: Twitter
Image courtesy of Polytron

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