Kickstarter Campaign Launches for ‘Hotline Miami’ Figurine


The surprise hit from Dennaton Games and Devolver Digital, Hotline Miami is about to get its first collectible figurine, but only with the help of dedicated fans.

Hotline Miami fans now have a possible chance of owning more memorabilia based on the colorful slaughter-fest. Developer Dennation Games and publisher Devolver Digital have partnered with Esc Toy to bring forth a potential figurine based on Hotline Miami’s protagonist. However, this will only be a reality if the Kickstarter campaign reaches its initial funding of $60,000.

Esc Toy wishes to manufacture a 1/6 scale figurine for “Jacket”, the destructive main character of Hotline Miami. The 12″ figurine will feature four removable heads- Tony (Tiger), Richard (Rooster), Aubrey (Pig) and a bloody, bandaged Jacket head. The animal masks aren’t the only apparel, as the figurine will include removable jeans, Air Vigilante shoes, shirt and the signature letter-jacket; “Jacket” includes an alternate hospital gown, as seen later on in the game. Jacket is fully posable with 15 points of articulation, and will ship with a katana, shotgun and baseball bat.

As with any other crowdfunding campaign, several contribution tiers are available, with the lowest one being $5: At $5, contributors will receive the “Accomplice” digital rewards pack, which includes a Steam key for 50% off Hotline Miami and exclusive wallpapers for Hotline Miami 2. Those who contribute $15 will also receive collectible pins modeled after three in-game masks; $25 adds two gift copies of Hotline Miami 2, along with the digital soundtrack.

Those who wish to get their hands on the Jacket figurine need to contribute $85; a super-limited “Midnight Miami Marauder” edition is available for $200, however this is limited to 100 units.

At the time of this post, the Kickstarter campaign is just over $19,500; the campaign will officially close on 9/20.

Source: Kickstarter
Images courtesy of Esc Toy, Dennaton Games, Devolver Digital

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