‘Homeworld Remastered Collection’ Coming Late February

Homeworld is finally coming back to PC’s with Gearbox Software’s updated Homeworld Remastered Collection, due to release this February.

The galactic RTS is finally coming back with the upcoming release of the Homeworld Remastered Collection. After the fallout of the THQ bankruptcy, several IPs were auctioned off to various developers and publishers; it was revealed that Borderlands developer Gearbox acquired the Homeworld properties for $1.35 million. Not only has Gearbox been working towards remastered versions of Homeworld and Homeworld 2, but the studio gave developer Blackbird the rights to use the Homeworld IP for their in-development title, Homeworld: Shipbreakers (formerly “Hardware: Shipbreakers”).

During today’s PAX South panel, Gearbox Software revealed the release date for Homeworld Remastered Collection, which is now scheduled to release in late February. The digital Steam bundle includes Homeworld Remastered Edition, Homeworld 2 Remastered Edition, and both titles in their original formats. The collection will include modding support, along with support for higher resolutions- up to 4K. Pre-purchasing will also grant fans access to the “Homeworld Remastered Steam Multiplayer Beta”, which includes cross-game 8-player races, and “brand new game modes”.

Homeworld Remastered Collection will release for PC on 2/25; those who pre-purchase the collection on Steam will receive a 15% discount until 2/24.

Source: Steam
Image courtesy of Gearbox Software

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