‘Velocity 2X’ Coming To PC And Xbox One

Originally a Sony-platform exclusive, Velocity 2X is coming to other platforms this summer.

Velocity 2X released last year as a digital title for the PS4 and PS Vita. A sequel to the stylish top-down “shoot-em-up”, Velocity 2X combines the intense “shmup” gameplay of the original, with on-foot exploration, platforming and combat elements.

Earlier today, Sierra Entertainment announced that they will be responsible for porting FuturLab’s title over to both the PC and Xbox One sometime this summer; an official release date has not been scheduled, however Sierra released a new trailer to celebrate the occasion. The PC and Xbox One versions will include 2 DLC packs and additional daily challenges.

Velocity 2X is currently available through PSN as a Cross-Buy title for PS4 and PS Vita; the game also supports the “Cross-Save” feature, allowing PS Vita owners to transfer their data over to the PS4 version. The original Velocity is available for PS3, while the updated Velocity Ultra can be purchased on Vita and PC.

Source: Sierra Entertainment
Image courtesy of Sierra, FuturLab

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