‘Hatred’ Coming This Summer, New Trailer Released

The monochrome bloodbath from Destructive Creations, Hatred will release for PC in early June.

Hatred is the debut title from Polish independent studio Destructive Creations. Since its reveal last year, the tactical-shooter has been under fire for its usage of unjustified, extreme violence; Hatred is a rare specimen in terms of ESRB ratings, as it’s one of very few games to receive the “AO- Adults Only” rating strictly for its violent content. The game was temporarily removed from Steam Greenlight for the nature of its gameplay, but Hatred‘s status on Steam has since been restored.

Earlier today, Destructive Creations released a new gameplay trailer for Hatred, showcasing more of the brutal gameplay, executions, environments and stylized visuals found in the tactical isometric shooter:

Hatred will release for PC on 6/1; while the Steam page has yet to update, the title can be pre-ordered through the Destructive Creations website.

Source: Destructive Creations
Image courtesy of Destructive Creations

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