‘Killer Instinct’ “Cinder” Trailer Revealed, Final Character Teased

With just two characters remaining in Killer Instinct: Season 2, one of the franchise’s most beloved characters finally returns in a new trailer.

Now that the torch has been passed from Double Helix to Iron Galaxy, the new developers of Killer Instinct are well into doubling the roster from Season 1. Unlike the Double Helix-developed Killer Instinct: Season 1, Season 2 introduces more original characters into the frenzy, including the golem Aganos and the reawakened spirit of Hisako. This isn’t without saying several favorites haven’t returned, as Season 2 marked the return of TJ Combo, Maya and Riptor.

He may have been teased at the end of Hisako’s trailer, but earlier today, Cinder was shown in his own character-highlight trailer. The re-imagined fire-deity is now that of “Ben Harris”, a man transformed into a fire-wielding alien hybrid; Harris is forced into serving Ultratech leader ARIA after he was caught attempting to steal data from the company. As seen at the end of Cinder’s trailer, Ultratech’s own ARIA will be the final character of Killer Instinct: Season 2:

Cinder will be available to those with the “Ultra Edition” on 4/30; “Season 2 – Combo Breaker” owners will receive Cinder on 5/6.

Source: Maximilian_Dood
Images courtesy of Iron Galaxy, Microsoft

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