‘Goat Simulator’ “GoatZ” Zombie DLC Coming Tomorrow

The already insane “simulation” Goat Simulator is getting even crazier, with a new zombie-themed DLC set to launch this Thursday.

Goat Simulator is yet another title that attempts to convey an accurate simulation of….Actually, it’s anything but an accurate simulation of life as a goat. With a somewhat broken physics engine, deliberate bugs, and wild objectives, Goat Simulator is a satirical, laughably fun sandbox of carnage, where the player just happens to be a goat.

Following after the previous DLC expansion lampooning the MMO genre, Goat Simulator is getting a zombie-themed expansion titled “GoatZ”, a play on the popular zombie-survival Early Access game DayZ. Launching this Thursday (i.e. tomorrow), GoatZ adds an extra zombie-ridden map for the player to ravage, along with a new “Survival Mode”. Further lampooning recent zombie games, GoatZ will include a crafting system, allowing the player to create new weapons from random nonsensical items, akin to the Dead Rising series.

Goat Simulator‘s GoatZ DLC expansion will release for PC, iOS and Android on 5/7 for $4.99.

Source: Coffee Stain Studios
Image courtesy of Coffee Stain Studios

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