‘Dimension Drive’ Kickstarter Campaign Funded, Two Weeks Remain

2Awesome’s frantic shoot-em-up is officially funded once again, with two weeks to spare for the stretch goals.

Dimension Drive is back on Kickstarter after a previously “successful” campaign was thwarted by an online troll in the closing moments. Not to be outdone, Indie developer 2Awesome Studio brought their chaotic screen-switching shoot-em-up  back to Kickstarter, with the hopes of funding the completed game for PC; fans contributed more than 50% of the initial funding goal in just under two weeks.

The crowdfunding campaign for Dimension Drive surpassed the initial goal of €30,000/$34,305, thus securing a Steam release for Windows, Mac and Linux. With two weeks still remaining in the Kickstarter campaign, those interested in Dimension Drive can still contribute a minimum of €10/$14 to receive a copy of the game at launch. Two stretch goals are currently listed, with an infinite “Horde Mode” at €33,000/$37,155(est.), followed by 2-player co-op and versus modes at €36,000/$40,537(est.).

With the exception of the “Early Warp – First 48 Hours” (€10), “Name It” (€40) and “Ashajul Commander” (€1,000) tiers, Dimension Drive hopefuls can still contribute to all other funding levels.

Dimension Drive is expected to release in Dec. 2015 for Windows, Mac and Linux via Steam.

Sources: Kickstarter, 2Awesome Studio
Image courtesy of 2Awesome Studio

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