‘Dimension Drive’ “Multiverse” Update Now Live

New levels are coming to the plane-shifting Early Access Shoot-Em-Up Dimension Drive.

The product of a successful Kickstarter campaign held in June 2015, Dimension Drive is a new plane-shifting “Shmup” from 2Awesome Studio. Players take the reigns of pilot “Jack” Jackelyne Tywood as she and her AI companion V.E.R.A. set out to discover her past and confront the dimension-conquering Ashajul race. With the help of her ship “The Manticore”, Jack has the power to destroy the Ashajul forces across multiple dimensions, shown through gameplay as the ability to hop between two active battlefields on the screen. Players must also swap between dimensions to solve puzzles and evade barriers, however doing so will drain some of the Manticore’s energy.

One month after its official release through Steam’s Early Access, developer 2Awesome Studio released the Dimension Drive “Multiverse” update. According to the trailer, 2Awesome Studio will deliver a brand new level to players every 2 weeks; new levels will continue to release until the finalized version releases in the Steam marketplace.

Dimension Drive is currently available to purchase through Steam and the official website for PC, Mac and Linux.

Source: 2Awesome Studio
Image courtesy of 2Awesome Studio

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