‘Borderlands’ “Moxxi” Statue Now Available For Pre-Order

Tavern owner, moonlighting mechanic and former ruler of the Underdome, a statue of Borderlands‘s iconic vixen Moxxi is now available for pre-order through Gearbox’s official store.

Making her debut in the “Mad Moxxi’s Underdome Riot” DLC for the original Borderlands, Moxxi has quickly become one of the franchise’s most recognizable characters. Her popularity not only ensured her return for Borderlands 2, but Moxxi is one of the few living characters to appear in story-driven quests in almost all of the DLC expansions and sequels.

Earlier today, Borderlands developer Gearbox Software announced that fans could finally get their hands on Moxxi, with a new limited edition collector’s statue. Standing at 14″ tall, the “Borderlands Deluxe Statue Collection: Moxxi” collector’s item depicts the titular character in her Borderlands 2 attire, with one boot perched atop a destroyed Gentlemen Claptrap. Each statue is cast from poly resin and hand-painted and detailed after the Borderlands art style:

The Moxxi statue is currently available to pre-order through the Gearbox Store for $225.00. Units are expected to begin shipping in “early/mid-October 2015”, though only 1,000 statues will be available. Past statues and collector’s items offered from Gearbox included a “Butt Stallion” statue and full-scale replicas of the “Moxxi’s Bad Touch/Good Touch” guns.

Source: Gearbox Software
Images courtesy of Gearbox Software, 2K Games

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