‘Typoman’ Releases For Wii U This Thursday

Best described as “Limbo¬†with words”, Typoman comes to the Nintendo eShop later this week.

Typoman first debuted within the 2014 Indie MEGABOOTH as a conceptual platformer involving word-based puzzles. Now a fully-realized side-scrolling puzzle-platformer, Headup Games’s and Brainseed Factory’s Typoman is scheduled to release for the Wii U later this week. Players navigate through a bleak landscape as “HERO”, a character comprised of the letters H-E-R-O. Structures, enemies and puzzles are also crafted from words and seemingly random letters; by altering words, HERO can change the environment and defeat certain creatures.

Typoman will release for the Wii U via the Nintendo eShop on 11/19 for $13.99.

Sources: Headup Games, Nintendo
Image courtesy of Headup Games, Brainseed Factory

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