‘Mighty No. 9’ Trailer Highlights New Modes And Online Multiplayer

Check out Boss Rush, Challenge Mode and online features in the new 90’s-inspired gameplay trailer for Mighty No. 9.

Comcept’s Kickstarter project may have suffered from a handful of delays, but Mighty No. 9 is finally coming to various platforms next February. Led by Mega Man illustrator Keiji Inafune, the title is a 2.5D action-platformer where players control Beck, the ninth in a series of robots, and the only one to not go berserk on humans. At its core, Mighty No. 9 could be considered a spiritual successor to the Mega Man franchise, with large linear levels to navigate and new power-ups to acquire, however the main deviation is its multiplayer mode; players can tackle various levels in both “couch” offline co-op and online, or go head-to-head in competitive multiplayer.

Mighty No. 9 developer Comcept released a new trailer yesterday styled after the bombastic video game commercials of the 90’s. A customary staple of the Mega Man games, the player must complete a Boss Rush, tackling every stage’s boss before encountering the final boss of the game; Mighty No. 9 will have a separate Boss Rush mode for players to experience on their own free time. Challenge Mode tasks the player with meeting various skill-based requirements, while the Maniac Mode increases the difficulty by enabling one-hit deaths:

An additional trailer is hosted by Nintendo featuring some of the other “Mighty #” bosses:

Mighty No. 9 will release on 2/9 for PC/Mac/Linux, PS3, PS4, 360, Xbox One, Wii U and 3DS.

Source: Comcept
Image courtesy of Comcept, Inti Creates, Deep Silver

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