‘Killer Instinct’ Gets New “Shadow Jago” Gameplay Trailer

The hidden Arcade Mode final boss will finally be playable to some Killer Instinct players as early as Friday.

Unwillingly possessed by the spirit of Omen, Shadow Jago is the alternate final boss of Killer Instinct‘s Arcade Mode. The player must unlock all three Arcade endings with any character by performing or avoiding “Ultra Combo” finishers on select opponents; if the player successfully completes Arcade without losing a single match among other various skill-based requirements, Shadow Jago will replace Fulgore as the final opponent. Shadow Jago is not only considered to be the most difficult foe of the Xbox One KI revival, but he is the only character equipped with a “No Mercy/Ultimate Combo” finisher.

Those who purchased Killer Instinct Season 1 with a 12-month Xbox Live membership at launch (Day One Edition) received Shadow Jago as a character-skin for the normal Jago; the skin was made available again as part of a $20 DLC pack, though both releases were simply cosmetic. During the online Community Fund drive held this past Spring, it was announced that Shadow Jago would become an actual character, complete with an original move-set if the Community Fund reached $100,000- which was achieved just weeks after the drive launched.

A new gameplay trailer for Shadow Jago was revealed earlier today. As promised by KI Season 2 developer Iron Galaxy, Shadow Jago is seen sporting a completely unique set of attacks differing from both Jago and Omen:

Shadow Jago will go live on 12/4 for those who purchased the Day One version or who bought into the Community Fund; the DLC character will be available to purchase for everyone else between 12/18-1/15.

Killer Instinct is currently available for Xbox One, with the PC version and Season 3 arriving in March 2016.

Source: Iron Galaxy
Image courtesy of Iron Galaxy, Rare, Microsoft

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