New ‘Killer Instinct’ Trailer Features “Omen”, Teases “Golem”

The latest trailer for Killer Instinct gives fans a taste of Omen, the “Herald of Gargos”, and yet another brand new character, the organic beast known as “Golem”.

Aside from its meme-generating combo mechanics and the legendary soundtrack, Killer Instinct has some of the most iconic characters in the history of Fighters. With the Xbox One-exclusive reboot, original developer Double Helix and current developer Iron Galaxy have both taken stabs at new characters for the bombastic fighting game. Season 1 gave KI fans the acrobatic spider-like Sadira, while Season 2 unleashed the supernatural wrath of Kan-Ra. The list of brand new characters is about to expand again with the upcoming release of “Omen”, and the later debut of “Golem”.

Those who pre-ordered Killer Instinct Season 1 have access to a Shadow Jago character-skin, however they cannot play as the character himself. Rather than make the boss-character playable, Iron Galaxy created “Omen, Herald of Gargos” in his place. This powerful entity is the physical form of the presence that possesses and grants otherworldly power to Shadow Jago. Several of Omen’s moves are variations of Shadow Jago’s, however the demonic spirit can summon balls of energy to act as an offensive shield, or as projectiles. Omen is also the first character in the game to have a potential instant-kill attack: If Omen lands his special “command-grab”, it will do 100% “potential” damage; if another attack connects shortly thereafter, it will act as an instant-kill. This move can be seen towards the end of the trailer:

Very little information is available regarding the next character Golem, however it can be assumed that he will function as a heavy character, possibly with “armor” abilities.

Omen will be available to Killer Instinct Season 2: Ultra Edition owners on 1/30; Combo Breaker owners will have access to the character starting on 2/5.

Source: YouTube (Maximilian_Dood)
Image courtesy of Iron Galaxy, Microsoft

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