‘The Mean Greens: Plastic Warfare’ Now Available For PC

Army men figures are back on the front lines waging war within a kitchen, fishtank, tabletop game and more in The Mean Greens: Plastic Warfare.

The “Army Men” miniature plastic figurines began production in 1938 from Bergen Toy & Novelty Co. What almost seems seems like a required toy of any child, the original series of tiny soldiers were remodeled after each generation of military equipment up through the Vietnam War; sales of the army men boomed from the end of WWII to the late 1950’s, but later fell after the Vietnam War and the rising cost of plastic resources due to the oil crisis of 1973.  Army men saw yet another rise in the late-90’s and 2000’s with the Army Men video game franchise from 3DO and Global Star Software, and the classic Walkie-Talkie scene from Disney and Pixar’s Toy Story:

The last official Army Men title, Army Men: Mobile Ops released in 2010 exclusively for mobile devices. While it’s not technically a part of the 3DO license, a new title featuring the little green soldiers recently “soft-launched” [with little marketing or pre-release notice] on Steam- The Mean Greens. From Virtual Basement and Code Headquarters, The Mean Greens: Plastic Warfare is a team-based competitive multiplayer title developed using Unreal Engine 4. Players wage war in 5v5 battles across 10 huge arenas, including a Foosball table, aquarium, bath tub, a birthday party table, and even a model train underneath a Christmas tree. Each map has its own unique twist on a classic game mode, ranging from “Capture the Flag” to “King of the Hill”; one particular map has the green and tan army men fighting within a deep freezer, trying to thaw their frozen dinosaur the fastest.

The Mean Greens: Plastic Warfare is currently available for PC via Steam at the discounted price of $9.89 until 12/15; the standard price is listed at $14.99.

Source: Steam
Image courtesy of Virtual Basement, Code Headquarters

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