New ‘Devil Daggers’ Gameplay Shown In Teaser Trailer

From a member of development studio Hitbox Team comes Devil Daggers, an endless arcade shooter for PC.

Developed by a member of Hitbox Team from Dustforce fame, Devil Daggers is an upcoming arcade-FPS for PC; the title is currently listed on Steam Greenlight, and is expected to arrive very soon. Inspired by some of the early shooters of the 90’s, Devil Daggers thrusts the player into a dark void only to get bombarded by waves of demons. A score-based title, the player has to kill as many demons as possible before succumbing to the endless hordes of creatures.

Devil Daggers surfaced on Steam Greenlight in early Fall, and has already been Greenlit by the Steam community as of early November. A release date has not been scheduled, however a new gameplay video is now available, showcasing some of the frantic action Devil Daggers has to offer:

A concrete release date has not been revealed, though Devil Daggers is currently scheduled to release in Q4 2015 for PC.

Sources: Devil Daggers, Steam
Image courtesy of Devil Daggers

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