Final ‘Super Smash Bros.’ DLC Characters Revealed

Stemming from the latest Fire Emblem game and a recent Nintendo-exclusive title from Platinum Games, the final two DLC characters for Super Smash Bros. have been revealed.

After a year of updates and exciting reveals, today marked the final Smash-themed Nintendo Direct presentation. Hosted by Director Masahiro Sakurai, the 33-minute long broadcast included several details regarding new Mii Fighter costumes, the previously announced DLC character Cloud and the Midgar stage from Final Fantasy VII, an unannounced DLC character and the reveal of the fan-voted character from this year’s poll.

From Fire Emblem Fates (“Fire Emblem IF” in Japan), protagonist Corrin was revealed to be the next DLC character, following Cloud’s debut later today. While Corrin may not launch with his own stage, his debut comes with two variations of the Fire Emblem Fates theme. The fifth character from the Fire Emblem franchise to appear in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U/3DS, Corrin wields a variety of transformation-based attacks, switching between his normal and dragon forms. Akin to playable character Robin, both male and female versions of Corrin can be selected through alternate costumes:

A shock to many, based on her antics in her own franchise, the titular Umbran Witch from Bayonetta was revealed to be the winner of the fan-voting poll from earlier this year, but with a slight catch: Bayonetta was the winner of the European poll, and held a spot somewhere within the top seeds of the other regional votes; due to “negotiations” and assumed developer conflicts with other potential characters, Bayonetta ended up as the top-ranking character worldwide. Though her gestures and attacks have been toned-down to fit the appropriate nature of Smash Bros, Bayonetta still possesses her Wicked Weave attacks, and can summon Gomorrah with her Final Smash. The iconic clock tower segment from the original Bayonetta‘s opening┬áhas been re-imagined as a new stage, featuring floating platforms, angels and a few familiar boss characters from the first title.

Both Corrin and Bayonetta will be available for purchase sometime next February, with Corrin at $4.99 and Bayonetta with her stage at $5.99. Release dates and prices have not been revealed, however all of the DLC characters will receive Amiibo figurines sometime early next year.

Source: Nintendo
Image courtesy of Platinum Games, Nintendo

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