‘Nitroplus Blasterz’ Launching In NA With Free DLC Characters

The Nitroplus cross-over fighting game is heading overseas with the same Japanese free DLC launch promotion.

Nitroplus Blasterz: Heroine Infinite Duel is a brand new cross-over fighting game¬†featuring characters from across the Nitroplus (or “Nitro+”) brand of games, visual novels, anime and manga. As with most Japanese fighters, Nitroplus Blasterz debuted first in arcades, and was later ported to both the PS4 and PS3, complete with additional console-exclusive characters.

Shortly before the Japanese console release of Nitroplus Blasterz, it was revealed that two additional cross-over characters could be purchased as DLC, being Senran Kagura‘s Homura and Arcana Heart‘s Aino Heart; anyone who purchased the game within the launch window would receive both characters for free. Earlier this week, the Nitroplus Blasterz North American publisher XSEED announced that the localized version will have the same launch promotion, offering both Aino Heart and Homura as free DLC characters for the first month of the title’s release. Once the four-week period is over, Homura and Aino will be available for purchase at $5.99 each, or together for $9.99.

Nitroplus Blasterz will release both physically and digitally at $39.99 for the PS4 version and $29.99 on the PS3. An official date has not been confirmed, however the fighter is expected to launch in early 2016.

Source: XSEED
Image courtesy of Nitroplus, Examu, Marvelous

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