‘Nitroplus Blasterz’ Console-Exclusive Characters Revealed

The console version of the Nitroplus cross-over fighting game is getting an extra playable character, and three additions to the supporting cast.

Nitroplus Blasterz- or “Nitro+ Blasterz: Heroine Infinite Duel”- is an assist-based fighting game featuring various characters from several Nitroplus properties. Some of the represented franchises include the Fate series, Phantom of Inferno and Full Metal Daemon: Muramasa. The title debuted in Japanese arcades earlier this year, however the cross-over Fighter is expected to release on Japanese Sony consoles later this year.

Earlier today, Japanese gaming source 4Gamer revealed four new characters for Nitroplus Blasterz, all of whom will be available exclusively to the console versions. Of the four, only one will actually be playable; the remaining three will be added as Assist characters. Available at launch as part of the base title, “Ignis” of Jingai Makyo (visual novel) will be playable, with the support characters being “Anri” of Tenshi no Nichou Kenjuu -Angelos Armas- (visual novel), “Angela Balzac” from “Expelled from Paradise” (anime film), and “Kaigen Ishima” from Hanachirasu (visual novel):

A North American release date has not been confirmed, however the Japanese PS3 and PS4 release of Nitroplus Blasterz: Heroine Infinite Duel is scheduled for 12/10; the North American version will be published by XSEED.

Source: 4Gamer
Images courtesy of Nitroplus, 4Gamer

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