‘Okami’ “Amaterasu” Statue Now Available For Pre-Order

First 4 Figures presents their first collectible statue for Capcom’s Okami, now available for pre-order and expected to release this Fall.

Developed by Clover Studio and published under Capcom, Okami released for the PS2 in April 2006. Under Director Hideki Kamiya, the title is influenced by Japanese folklore, revolving around the tale of how the Shinto sun goddess Amaterasu saved the lands from Orochi and the coming darkness. Okami‘s gameplay and visuals are inspired by Japanese sumi-e brush painting; the latter Wii release and HD version for the PS3 both utilized motion controls for the Celestial Brush item, allowing for the player to perform in-game “miracles” with gestures.

As with Capcom’s Viewtiful Joe, “Okami” itself is another pun that could be potentially lost in translation for North American audiences: The word “ōkami” is Japanese for “wolf”, however the kanji used in the context of the game- when read individually- translate to “great deity”, referring to both Amaterasu’s wolf identity (“Shiranui”) and her status as the sun goddess.

Premium-level collectible manufacturer First 4 Figures officially began accepting pre-orders for their new Amaterasu collectible statue earlier today. Modeled after her more detailed appearance in Okami HD, Amaterasu’s wolf-form is 1/4 scale, complete with Solar Reflector and Issun perched on her back. Each statue measures at 12″/30cm tall, with the length at 17.5″/44cm from nose to tail. Though the Amaterasu statue is the debut collectible in First 4’s Okami series, each unit is hand-signed and numbered; a “certificate of authenticity” is included with each purchase, allowing the owner to specifically purchase the next statue in the series with an identical base number. An alternate “Exclusive” edition is available for pre-order, featuring LED lights embedded within the Solar Reflector:

The Okami Amaterasu statue and its Exclusive variant can be pre-ordered through First 4 Figures for $349.99 and $354.99 respectively. Available units have not been revealed, however both versions are expected to be in limited supply. Amaterasu is expected to release within Q3 2016.

Source: First 4 Figures
Images courtesy of First 4 Figures, Clover Studio, Capcom

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