Amazon Prime Membership Now Includes Discount On New Games

Amazon Prime users are getting another perk, as pre-orders and recent releases will be discounted for all subscribed members.

Amazon Prime is one of the most popular digital premium services on the planet. For an annual payment of roughly $100, sales and promotions pending, Prime members gain access to free two-day shipping, Amazon’s own instant video service, an assortment of free mobile apps and games, and various discounts across the store.

Yesterday morning, Amazon announced that the Prime subscription service would now offer discounts on select video games across the Amazon marketplace. Prime members- even those with the 30-day trial- will now get 20% off pre-ordered titles and new releases; the discount will remain active until two weeks after a title’s release date. Currently the offer only applies to physical games sold and shipped directly through Amazon, however this also includes Limited/Collector’s Editions, so long as the purchase is neither a “product bundle” nor “console game bundle”.

Amazon’s new Prime-exclusive 20% discount is already live, and will be applied upon checkout, though the offer is only available for US customers.

Source: AmazonĀ 

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