‘Street Fighter V’ Story Mode Will Be Free DLC, Final Beta This Weekend

Street Fighter V‘s “cinematic” Story Mode won’t be available at launch, but as a free update scheduled for this Summer.

Capcom’s legendary fighting game franchise is known for its well-balanced gameplay, technical mechanics, accessibility and memorable characters; on the other side of the coin lies its convoluted story. Street Fighter’s story isn’t restricted to just the video games; if fans truly desire to get the full history of the Street Fighter universe, they need to indulge in the numerous animated movies and series, comics and manga, and only then may they play the titles in a very specific order, as the games aren’t chronological- Street Fighter IV and V are the prologue chapters to Street Fighter III– that is, the first Street Fighter III.

The content¬†will not be available at launch, however Street Fighter V will be the first title in the series to feature a dedicated omnipotent “Story Mode”. Regarded as a “cinematic” story expansion by Capcom in today’s press release, Story Mode will complete the link between Street Fighter VI and Street Fighter III. All Street Fighter V players will receive Story Mode as a free DLC update this Summer; in the meantime, each character will have an individual story line assimilated into the Arcade Mode.¬†The larger Story Mode will feature in-engine cutscenes, while individual Arcade Mode stories will have artwork by Japanese illustrator and Street Fighter contributor “Bengus”:

Along with the Story Mode announcement, Capcom revealed one more Beta test to be held this weekend, Jan. 30-31. Testing details regarding launch times and available characters will be announced through Capcom-Unity later this week.

Street Fighter V will release on 2/16 for PS4 and PC.

Source: Capcom
Images courtesy of Capcom

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