‘Gal*Gun: Double Peace’ Comes To NA And EU This Year

Proving that getting shot by Cupid isn’t what it’s cracked up to be, the latest Gal*Gun is coming to Europe and North America this year.

North Americans may not be familiar with the Japanese-exclusive Gal*Gun series, however some may be acquainted with its developer Inti Creates; the studio’s contributions include the Mega Man Zero series, Azure Striker Gunvolt and companion game Mighty Gunvolt, and the artwork featured within Shantae and the Pirate’s Curse. Inti Creates is also co-developing Mighty No. 9 alongside Comcept.

Being shot by Cupid’s arrow may sound like a heavenly event, however Gal*Gun turns this idea into a frantic, unwanted situation. Players take control of Hodai, the “portrait of an uninteresting student”; Hodai is shot by the cupid angel Ekoro’s arrow, becoming the object of every woman’s affection in the school. If Hodai can’t keep the hordes of classmates subdued with the power of Ekoro’s “Pheremone Shot” gun, his energy is drained with every successful advance from the girls. The player must help Hodai find his true love amidst the chaos, or a curse will fall upon him at sundown, forever dooming him to be alone.

Following an outpour from fans wanting to see an overseas release, Gal*Gun developer Inti Creates recently announced that the latest title, Gal*Gun: Double Peace will be localized for both the North American and European markets. The rail-shooter will feature all modes present within the Japanese version, including Story Mode, Score Attack, the somewhat voyeuristic Doki-Doki Mode, and a multitude of in-game unlockables.

GalGun Double Peace Japanese Box Art

An official release date has not been confirmed, however Gal*Gun: Double Peace will release for the PS4 and PS Vita in NA and EU later this year.

Source: Inti Creates
Images courtesy of Inti Creates, PQube

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  1. Bought it last week. Good to see a niche title like this get localized and not suffer censorship.

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