‘Uppers’ Gameplay Shown In Debut Trailer

From the creators of Senran Kagura, the frantic action of Uppers can finally be seen in a new gameplay trailer.

Senran Kagura and Valkyrie Drive Producer Kenichiro Takaki is back with another project for the PS Vita. Trading an all-female cast for a roster of battle-ready men, Uppers is a rambunctious high-octane beat-em-up in the form of a violent TV show; the fighter-by-genetics combatant Ranma Kamishiro and a large group of men are thrown onto an island to fight each other for televised entertainment. Apart from the frantic combo system and plethora of offensive¬†tools in each environment, Uppers takes the “girls watching” idiom to heart, as Ranma will gain offensive power if a nearby group of women- or “Queens”- are watching the brawl, or if he unexpectedly trips into a girl on the sidelines.

Developer Marvelous! Entertainment ¬†revealed the debut trailer for Uppers this morning, complete with brief live-action moments, bombastic action, and some of the hijinks Ranma can get into with the spectating Queens. A Limited Edition version is shown during the closing moments, featuring a dual CD soundtrack, “Men’s Knuckle” mock fashion magazine, and Swimsuit DLC for the Queens.

Uppers will release for PS Vita in Japan on 4/21; localized versions have not been announced.

Source: Marvelous Entertainment
Image courtesy of Marvelous Entertainment

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