‘Uppers’ Videos Show New Gameplay Mechanics

The latest project from the creators of Senran Kagura and Valkyrie Drive, new Uppers mechanics are highlighted in two gameplay videos.

From the creative lead behind Valkyrie Drive and the popular Senran Kagura franchise, Uppers is a 3D high-octane beat-em-up due to release for the PS Vita in Japan this July; the title was originally scheduled to release two weeks ago, but has since been delayed to better polish the game. Deviating from Kenichiro Takaki’s previous works, Uppers features a cast of mostly male characters forced to battle each other for mass entertainment, and for the enjoyment of spectating girls.

Marvelous Entertainment released two gameplay clips featuring some of the new mechanics to be found when Uppers hits this July. Reminiscent of the “Aerial Tag” tag-team attack from Senran Kagura: Estival Versus, players can now use “Rise-Up” and “Friendship Upper Rush” to charge down an opponent and take them out with a tag-team finishing move. Environmental attacks have been expanded upon, as players can perform a “Pole Action” to swing around poles and launch themselves off with a flying kick.

Uppers will release for the PS Vita in Japan on 7/14; localized versions have not been confirmed as of this time. Those who pre-order a copy will also receive Senran Kagura‘s Daidoji as a DLC bonus character.

Source: Marvelous Entertainment
Image courtesy of Marvelous Entertainment

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