‘Xenoblade Chronicles X’ “Formula Skell/Doll” Model Available For Pre-Order

The iconic Xenoblade Chronicles X Formula Skell/Doll is getting the model treatment from Kotobukiya this Summer.

Collectible manufacturer Kotobukiya is bringing a familiar Xenoblade Chronicles X mech to life this Summer with a brand new model kit. Based on the Formula Skell/Doll, the transforming model kit is now available to pre-order through Kotobukiya and Play-Asia, however Kotobukiya is not offering international shipping. Standing at 17.5cm/6.9″, the 1/48th scale model kit depicts the Skell/Doll complete with additional sword, machine gun, grenade, Beam Saber and shield; when completed, the Formula Skell/Doll is capable of transforming between its combat-ready mech and vehicle forms. Additional decals and a paint guide are included for collectors who wish to get their model looking exactly like its in-game counterpart:

For those who wish to import the Xenoblade Chronicles X Kotobukiya 1/48th scale Formula Skell/Doll model kit at launch, the collectible can be pre-ordered through Play-Asia for $69.99; units are expected to begin shipping in late-July/early-August.

Xenoblade Chronicles X is currently available for the Wii U.

Sources: Play-Asia, Kotobukiya
Images courtesy of Kotobukiya, Nintendo, Monolithsoft

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