‘Cyberpunk Bartender Action: VA-11 Hall-A’ Coming Later This Month

The full version of Sukeban’s cyberpunk-bartending simulator VA-11 Hall-A finally arrives on Steam in just a few weeks.

Cyberpunk Bartender Action: VA-11 Hall-A first debuted in 2014¬†with a demo episode titled “Prologue”. As the title suggests, the player assumes the role of a bartender at the small “VA-11 Hall-A” (i.e. “Valhalla”) bar in the downtown district of a dystopian cyberpunk city. Much like the 2015 hit Her Story, the lore of VA-11 Hall-A relies heavily on the player’s actions, as the majority of information is presented indirectly through conversations with regular clients- assuming the player can satisfy them with his or her bartending talents.

Sukeban Games released¬†the “Final” trailer for Cyberpunk Bartender Action: VA-11 Hall-A yesterday morning, showcasing more of the eclectic clients and features that will test players’ cocktail-mixing skills:

Cyberpunk Bartender Action: VA-11 Hall-A will be available for PC, Mac and Linux through Steam and the official “Waifu Bartending” website. The “Prologue” chapter is currently available to download through the official site for free.

Source: Sukeban Games
Image courtesy of Sukeban Games

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