‘Resident Evil 6’ “Ada Wong” and “Leon Kennedy” Figures Coming This Winter

Resident Evil favorites Leon Kennedy and Ada Wong are getting new 1/6th scale figures this Winter from Hot Toys.

2016 marks the 20th Anniversary of Capcom’s beloved Resident Evil franchise. Though the series periodically drifts from its survival-horror roots as of late, Resident Evil successfully redefined the Horror genre with its focus on atmosphere and restrictive gameplay.¬†Capcom recently released Resident Evil: Umbrella Corps on PC and consoles as one of the first new products to celebrate the franchise’s 20th Anniversary. The competitive-shooter spin-off features several maps and enemy types from the legacy of the Resident Evil franchise, however Umbrella Corps was ill-received by fans as it lacks the general horror atmosphere of the franchise; according to the numerous user reviews on Steam, Umbrella Corps feels more like a soul-less cash-grab than a Resident Evil title.

Fortunately, Capcom surprised fans with the announcement of Resident Evil 7 (“Resident EVII: Biohazard”, “Biohazard: Resident Evil”) during Sony’s E3 2016 presentation. Much like Resident Evil 4‘s drastic gameplay shift into third-person shooter territory, Resident Evil 7 takes the franchise into first-person with exploration-based gameplay; the title will also support PlayStation VR at launch. Over the remaining course of the year, Capcom will continue to churn out RE titles with next-gen versions of Resident Evil 4. Resident Evil 5, and the currently-available Resident Evil 6.

The 20th Anniversary celebration will continue not just through games, but also collectibles as Hot Toys recently unveiled new Ada Wong and Leon S. Kennedy figures. Modeled after their appearances in Resident Evil 6, both the Ada Wong and Leon Kennedy figures are hand-painted, respectively standing at 29cm/11.4in and 30cm/11.8in. Both the red blouse-wearing Ada and leather jacket-clad Leon come with multiple items, including the likes of Ada’s crossbow, rifle, shotgun and grapple-gun, and Leon’s pistol, rocket launcher and the “wing shooters”.

Both the Leon S. Kennedy and Ada Wong 1/6th scale collectible figures are listed on Hot Toys, Play-Asia and other collectible retailers, however neither have opened for pre-orders. The 20th Anniversary Resident Evil 6 figures are projected to release sometime this Winter; Hot Toys currently states between Q4 2016-Q1 2017.

Sources: Play-Asia, Hot Toys
Images courtesy of Hot Toys, Capcom

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