QuakeCon 2016: First Look At ‘Prey’ Gameplay

QuakeCon 2016 attendees got an exclusive look at new gameplay from the upcoming sci-fi horror game, Prey.

The 21st annual QuakeCon gaming event began earlier today in Dallas, TX; held at the Hilton Anatole hotel and event center, the 3-day convention celebrates the legacy of Quake, eSports and PC gaming, with inside looks at Bethesda and id Software, Quake and other various PC tournaments, and one of the largest LAN parties in North America.

Shortly after the traditional welcoming panel finished for online viewers, those attending QuakeCon 2016 were shown new gameplay footage from the new Prey by Arkane Studios. Ditching the Native American themes of the original, the new Prey sets players in the role of Morgan, a scientist aboard a lunar research facility invaded by ethereal aliens. The new gameplay footage provided Arkane fans with an in-depth look at Prey‘s main enemies, “Mimics”. Small crab-like aliens that phase in and out of existence, Mimics have the ability to disguise themselves as any interactive object in the game, from trash cans to weapons. Morgan is briefly introduced to a “Phantom”, a larger combat-focused enemy capable of teleporting over short distances and through some objects.

Fortunately, players can defend themselves with a variety of melee weapons and firearms, though the latter will be in short supply for most of the game. Unique weapons can be equipped, including a glue gun that freezes enemies and can create platforms, and grenades that remove all objects within its blast radius. Morgan is granted a potential edge against the invaders as he can acquire alien techniques of his own, including concussive blasts and the ability to transform into small objects himself for stealth or navigating through small areas; as shown in the demo, Morgan shape-shifts into a coffee mug to slip under a window, and a grenade to roll unnoticed past enemies. A multitude of upgrades are administered through the “Neuromod”, a device that alters the brain through needles injected into Morgan’s right eye.

Apart from theĀ open free-roaming lunar station, players can venture into space and explore the outer hull of the research facility. During Morgan’s zero-gravity escapades, players must manage an oxygen meter that drains over time, with thrusters using a significant amount of the gauge.

Prey is expected to release sometime in 2017 for PC, Xbox One and PS4. While the QuakeCon demo will remain under wraps, a new gameplay trailer can be seen below.

Image courtesy of Arkane Studios, Bethesda

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