QuakeCon 2016: ‘DOOM’ “Unto The Evil” DLC Now Available

New maps, weapons and more are coming to DOOM with the first premium multiplayer DLC pack.

Following the previous “Free Update 2”, DOOM‘s first multiplayer paid-DLC is now available a day earlier than previously expected. The “Unto the Evil” DLC pack includes three new maps- the industrial Ritual, the hellish landscapes of Offering, and the hybrid map Cataclysm. Players will also receive the new motion-activated Kinetic Mine and UAC EMG Pistol. The rapid-firing “Harvester” demon will also be available as a new transformation, alongside new custom armor features and taunts. A new trailer debuted this afternoon during QuakeCon 2016:

The Unto the Evil multiplayer DLC pack isĀ available through Steam, Xbox Live and PSN for $14.99. DOOM is available for PC, Xbox One and PS4.

Source: Bethesda
Image courtesy of id Software, Bethesda

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