‘Prey For The Gods’ Begins Extended Crowdfunding Campaign

Those who missed the Prey for the Gods Kickstarter still have plenty of time to contribute before its official release next year.

Shadow of the Colossus spiritual-successor Prey for the Gods appeared on Kickstarter in early July from No Matter Studios. Players assume the role of a young warrior who must slay the deities she once worshiped. A stark departure from the obvious influence of Shadow of the Colossus, Prey for the Gods includes survival elements, as players must hunt and find shelter in the blizzards of the game. A map system will not be in the game, however players can track their movements through footprints left in the snow; if players are killed at the hands of the Gods, they restart at the last visited cave or other natural shelter.

Prey for the Gods was recently funded through a successful Kickstarter campaign. Backers contributed $501,252 of the proposed $300,000, securing the first four Stretch Goals; the title will launch with additional animations, weapons, and see an eventual Mac release. Though listed as the initial Stretch Goal, PS4 and Xbox One versions were confirmed prior to the $320,000 goal tier.

The official Kickstarter campaign may have ended last weekend, however developer No Matter Studios began an extended campaign for interested fans who still wish to back or pre-order Prey for the Gods. Starting at $15, fans can obtain a digital PC copy at launch and be included in the credits as a “Backer”; additional tiers extend up to $150, with such rewards as DLC, the soundtrack, digital art collection, Beta access, and exclusive character skins and pets to aide in surviving the harsh snow-capped environment.

Prey for the Gods will release for PC, Xbox One, PS4 and Mac sometime next year. The title is available to pre-order on PC through the official website.

Source: No Matter Studios
Image courtesy of No Matter Studios

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