‘Overwatch’ “Eichenwalde” Map Teased In New Trailer

The Second Osmic Crisis comes to Germany with Overwatch‘s new map, Eichenwalde.

Blizzard is currently celebrating the 2016 Summer Olympics with themed customization items, and the new soccer-inspired “Lucioball” mode. Just in time for Gamescom 2016, Blizzard is teasing a new map for their first competitive FPS with a brief trailer. Modeled after Germany’s personal Gothic Revival architecture era, Eichenwalde brings Overwatch players into the streets and interiors of a massive castle and town center. As suggested by the new trailer, Eichenwalde will be an Escort map where the traditional payload has been replaced with a high-tech battering ram.

A new Developer Update released yesterday morning regarding the upcoming “Season 2” for Competitive mode. Overwatch Game Director Keff Kaplan states that the next Season will feature a new tiered system, with players receiving rewards based on the highest tier achieved during Season 2; if a player reaches Gold rank at any time during Season 2, he or she “will get the reward for Gold”, even if the ending rank drops to Silver or below. The Skill Rating system will also get an update, categorizing players in a range of 1-5,000 over the previous 1-100.

Overwatch is currently available for PC, Xbox One and PS4. Competitive Season 2 is expected to begin within the next few weeks.

Source: Blizzard
Image courtesy of Blizzard

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