“Galaxy Style” New 3DS XL Announced, Coming This Week

A custom New 3DS XL arrives this week for Nintendo’s stargazing fans.

Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime released a surprise announcement this morning through Twitter. Shown in a new social media exclusive video, Nintendo will release a custom Galaxy Style New 3DS XL very soon- soon being units began shipping today, and are expected to be in stores this week.

The title may lead to confusion among consumers, however the New 3DS XL is an enhanced version of the 3DS XL, featuring colored face buttons accompanied by a new C-Stick, and two additional shoulder buttons. The new model includes several hardware upgrades under the hood, boosting the performance of older 3DS games.

An official date is not available for the Galaxy Style New 3DS XL, however the handheld will run for the standard $199.99.

Source: Nintendo of America
Image courtesy of Nintendo 

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