‘Valkyria: Azure Revolution’ Dated For Japan, Coming To PS Vita

First-Print Editions of the upcoming Valkyria title hit the Japanese marketplace in mid-January.

Valkyria publisher Sega revealed two upcoming titles in their long-running JRPG series last November- Valkyria Chronicles Remaster and the new Valkyria: Azure Revolution. The first new title in the series for the PS4, Azure Revolution focuses on a political and territorial war over the azure ore “Ragnite”. The title was expected to use a new “LeGION” real-time strategy system, however developer Media Vision is currently retooling the gameplay mechanics after the mixed reception of the Japanese PS4 demo; the majority of complaints revolved around the new mechanic’s focus on action, casting aside the tactical elements of previous installments.

Sega recently announced the Japanese release date with a new trailer for Valkyria: Azure Revolution. Now scheduled to release in mid-January, Valkyria fans will have an opportunity to get their hands on a “First-Print Edition” next year. Those who either pre-order a copy or purchase one within the launch window will receive the additional “Judgement Chapter: Vanargand Organization” story chapter; it has not been stated if the First-Print content will be available as a standalone purchase, however the digital bonus is a fully-voiced prequel chapter to Azure Revolution. The new trailer also confirms that a PS Vita version is in works.

Valkyria: Azure Revolution will release for the PS4 and PS Vita in Japan on 1/19; North American and European dates have not been confirmed.

Source: Sega
Images courtesy of Sega, Media Vision

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