‘Valkyria: Azure Revolution’ Announced, ‘Chronicles Remaster’ Coming Next Year

An updated port of Valkyria Chronicles is headed to the PS4, along with a brand new chapter of the saga- Valkyria: Azure Revolution.

Earlier this week, Sega confirmed to Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu that the Valkyria saga will return with two PS4 titles coming very soon. Valkyria: Azure Revolution is a brand new title involving a territorial and political war between the Rus Empire and Jutland Kingdom for independence and control over the azure ore “Ragnite”. Sega has already revealed three key characters within Azure Revolution; the protagonist, Amleth is the captain of Jutland Kingdom’s “Anti-Valkyria Unit”; Ophelia, Princess of Jutland Kingdom; Brunhild, a powerful Valkyria of the Rus Empire. Details are still scarce, however the gameplay mechanics will feature a real-time strategical system titled “LeGION”, potentially deviating from Valkyria Chronicles‘s turn-based “BLiTZ” system.

Several screenshots and a brief teaser trailer have been released courtesy of Sega:

Sega is adding to the list of big February 2016 releases, as Valkyria Chronicles Remaster will release for the PS4 on Feb. 10. The PS4 release will include up-scaled visuals, three additional missions and a “Hard-EX” mode.

A localized release window has not been scheduled, though Valkyria: Azure Revolution will release for the PS4 in Japan this Winter; Valkyria Chronicles Remaster has been dated for 2/10.

Source: Sega
Images courtesy of Sega

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